Research areas

Light and electronics - photons and electrons - are the key bits of tomorrows sustainable society. Where they meet, change is made.

We do research in the following areas:


Communication Technologies

  • Coding and Visual Communication
  • High-speed Optical Communication
  • Machine Learning in Photonic Systems
  • Network Technologies and Service Platforms

Electro Technology

  • Acoustic Technology
  • Automation and Control
  • Electronics

Advanced Optoelectronics & Sensing

  • Diode Lasers and LED Systems
  • Optical Sensor Technology
  • Thin-Film Photovoltaics
  • Wide Bandgap Semiconductor Photonics
  • Solar Photovoltaic Systems

Nonlinear Optics and Biophotonics

  • Fiber Optics, Devices and Nonlinear Effects
  • Fiber Sensors and Supercontinuum
  • Neural Devices and Gas Photonics
  • Ultrafast Infrared and Terahertz Science

Quantum and Nanophotonics

  • Metamaterials
  • Nanophotonic Devices
  • Photonic Nanotechnology
  • Quantum and Laser Photonics
  • Quantum Networks
  • Quantum Light Sources
  • Quantum Photonics of Low-Dimensional Systems