Decreased energy consumption and faster internet

In the Quantum and Laser Photonics Group at DTU Electro we research technologies that will decrease the energy consumption as well as providing new possibilities in computing, communication, and measurement.

The energy consumption for communication and internet services is increasing. We need to explore new ideas in order to find improved solutions and technologies for the future.

We perform experimental and theoretical research to understand how light behaves in nanostructures and how it interacts with matter. We apply this knowledge to new types of devices for application in information and quantum technology.

Examples of devices include nanolasers, optical switches, single-photon sources and integrated photonic circuits. In addition, we do frontier research on combining nanoelectromechanics with chip-scale photonics, where the research goals range from exploration of fundamental effects of quantum vacuum fluctuations to innovative research on ultracompact spectrometers.

We are driven by curiosity and a keen interest in understanding the physics of developing quantum and nanotechnology.

We are particularly interested in developing new technology within quantum information science and in improving the functionality and at the same time decreasing the physical and carbon footprint of classical information technology.


Jesper Mørk

Jesper Mørk Professor, Section Head