DTU has one of the most well-developed ecosystems for innovation and entrepreneurship among technical universities in Europe. At DTU Electro we are a strong part of this ecosystem and have a long tradition for industrial collaboration in Denmark and across the borders.

Associate professor Nika Akopian walking with a delegation from a quantum conference

DTU Electro cooperates with companies, research institutions and individuals in Denmark and abroad.

Collaboration with society ensures that our research and technology are of benefit to society.

We have a lasting tradition for offering students research projects in collaboration with industries. This enables the student to build up a personal network and to get inspired by actual and exciting ideas in everyday life.

DTU Electro wants to pave the way for innovations using light and electronics as the enabling technology in order to develop and improve:

We help students and employees translate inventions and discoveries into enterprising businesses, and we engage in innovative collaborations with society as a whole. We attach importance to the transfer of knowledge between university and industry, aiming for existing industries as well as start-up companies.

We collaborate with companies on student projects, PhD projects, research schools and EU projects. 

Furthermore, our department receives funding for the following centres:


Innovation at DTU Electro

We have an ambitious innovation strategy and focus on inventions, patents, license/sale of inventions and software, Proof of Concept funding, start-up companies and bench-free agreements for start-ups. Innovation is thus an integrated part of our activities concerning education, research and scientific advice.

Our department cooperates with companies on collaborative research, technology in the form of patents, student projects and access to research facilities and infrastructure.