Green & sustainable energy-saving solutions

A paradigm shift is taking place on a global scale in order to reach the Global Goals of Clean Energy and Climate Action (goal no 7). We are witnessing a conversion of energy systems that are based on fossil fuels to ones powered by clean energy. Technological developments, growing political will and price decreases mean that the number of clean energy options are expanding, but there are still need for scientific breakthroughs and new research in the area.

Solar panels
At DTU Electro, we provide world-class solutions for solar cell applications in solar parks and integrated in buildings. We also have the leading knowledge in materials science and tools to solve many of the open problems during light absorption and photovoltaic current generation from wafer size to atomic resolution.

Furthermore, we study new sensor technology that can be crucial for wind sensing, detection of environmental gasses and industrial processes. As an example, one of our groups works on improved wind sensors for wind turbines. Employing these new sensors increases the wind energy production of existing wind turbines as well as their lifetime, thus improving the profitability of green energy.

We also go big on developing sensor systems and imaging equipment for large scale industrial monitoring of, e.g., concrete structures in the construction industry and coatings and paints on different size structures ranging from the chips in your credit card to huge container ships. Our technology helps to cut energy consumption and monitor green energy production plants.

When it comes to LED technology we are leading and we participate in projects that will improve the technology used in the displays of our smartphones, tablets and in car lights, and the new LED bulbs with improved light quality will provide still better, cheaper and more energy-efficient lighting in our cities and homes.

DTU Electro considers collaboration with external partners as an important and strategic mission regarding the development of technology for green and sustainable energy saving solutions. Collaboration ensures that our research-based knowledge and technologies are being disseminated to the society. Industrial collaboration is a key access for DTU Electro researchers to the research and innovation agenda in the business community.