About us

DTU Electro employs more than 300 skilled researchers with competencies in electrical and photonics engineering. As a department we strive towards creating sustainable energy and a greener internet, as well as strengthening cyber security and health technology. Working with the industry and public organisations is one of our top priorities to find and implement new solutions to our society.

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We aim to offer education, research and innovation of the highest standard, and our focus on application-oriented research enables us to work across many engineering disciplines and research areas, such as IT and the medical and health sciences. We have a close collaboration with researchers from all over the world, just as we collaborate with industry and public authorities about the dissemination of solutions based on electrical and photonics engineering as their key enabling technologies.
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Academically DTU Electro is at the forefront of the technical and natural sciences with new initiatives within a number of internationally demanding engineering disciplines. We perform research within nanophotonics, lasers, quantum photonics, optical sensors, LEDs, photovoltaics, ultra-high speed optical transmission systems, bio-photonics, acoustics, power electronics, robotics, and autonomous systems.
Our facilities are state-of-the-art, and internationally we are at the top. This makes our Master’s graduates desirable to employers. Our courses are developed to stimulate analytical thinking, interdisciplinary collaboration and entrepreneurship. Combined with solid professional knowledge, these qualifications will enable our graduates to contribute to solving the challenges the modern and globalized world is facing.
DTU Electro provides research-based advice to Danish authorities and international organizations and is known for its ability to translate research into new technologies through close cooperation between partners from the university world, business and public authorities.
Innovation is an integral part of DTU Electro’s activities. Through student innovation, business collaboration and commercialization of the department's knowledge and inventions, DTU Electro works to create value in society in the form of growth, new knowledge-based companies and jobs.

Research in electrical and photonics engineering will determine the future. We are on the threshold of a new industrial revolution where machines will communicate with each other as well as with people in a world where, already now, 10 percent of the global electricity consumption is used for digital communication. Consequently, new breakthroughs are required in order to solve challenges like increasing the internet capacity worldwide and, at the same time, reducing the accompanying energy consumption.