NanoPhoton Lecture by Martin van Exter

NanoPhoton Lecture by Martin van Exter


13. jun 11:00 - 12:00


Building 340, Room 9.14.A - Line of Light


DTU Electro

NanoPhoton Lecture by Martin van Exter

Micro- and nanocavity resonances: experiments and their analysis with a classical input input-output formalism

Optical micro- and nanocavities can trap light in small volumes and enhance the light-matter interaction of intra-cavity emitters. The analysis of these cavities typically uses resonance spectroscopy, which pro-bes the cavity output as a function of the optical frequency (and possibly the alignment) of the optical input or the internal fluorescence.

We have performed these experiments on Fabry-Perot-type microcavities at Leiden University and on extreme dielectric confinement (EDC) cavities at DTU. We will present the results of both experiments and their analysis with a classical input-output formalism, which combines a Green’s tensor description of the microcavity with a modal decomposition (= eigenmode analysis) of this tensor.

Martin van Exter is a professor in experimental physics at Leiden University. He obtained his PhD in 1988 at the University in Amsterdam, was a postdoc at IBM Yorktown Heights and has worked for 30+ years at Leiden University. His research topics have changed in time and have covered among others: time-resolved spectroscopy, TeraHertz optics, quantum noise in lasers, plasmonics, quantum-entangled photons, and superconducting single-photon counters. His current research interests focus on optical confinement in micro cavities, single quantum emitters, and cavity quantum electrodynamics.

Professor Van Exter is an Otto Moensted Visiting Professor at DTU Electro in May and June 2024 (as he was in the spring of 2023).


Jesper Mørk

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